a video i filmed for a couple lovely ladies. how’d i do?!


hey y’all, soo i was fortunate enough of late to be able to tag along and shoot some photos for the ottawa shakespeare company’s production of julius ceasar. i am particularly fond of plays, but don’t really get too much of a chance to go to them, so when i was asked by my good homey graham rapsey (who was involved with all the design and video side of the play) to shoot some photos of the production, i jumped at the opportunity to help out in any way i could.

what really sets this play apart from anything i’ve seen before is that there are a ton of really cool effects that are quite innovative. between real-time 3D scanning, audio controlled visuals and full audience participation, this play is awesome! the best part about it too is that tickets are only like $10. super affordable for a good time! anyhow here are some of the flicks to give you an idea what you can expect.

graham showing eugene clark how to use the xbox kinect for the “ghost” scene. (*i guess he was the star of land of the dead, and he also played mufasa from lion king. he’s ceasar in this play!)

james acres
(*shown on the right) is definitely the other awesome half to the design and video team. james coded the production which allows for all of the effects to take place when they needed too. he’s a computer science teacher at algonquin and at carleton too. it’s super rad seeing dudes like james from the community make this kind of thing happen!

if you’re looking for something fun to do, go check out julius ceasar, playing now at centrepointe theatre. it runs till november 3rd! you can get your tickets here. i recommend the “participant” ticket. i’ll be there the night of nov. 2nd, if anyone’s interested!