got really stoked on tiltshift last year and made some really awesome images with it, however, i really want to get back into film this year and have to sell my tiltshift! they’re pretty pricey ($2,199.00), but i’m willing to let it go for $1600 to a good home! if you know anyone interested, let me know!




Picture 6

been helping with some harley builds with my friends, jeff, shaaram and brian at rusty’s customz. here are some photos from last week when i finally remembered to bring a camera with me!





sorry, i’ve definitely been slacking on the posts here. maru’s my new baby and working on a product line for the coming year! stooooked!


soo been crazy busy with maru! but have been shooting some photos though and will throw them up here once they’re developed. just wanted to plug an event that i’m working on for december 14th. my good homie and videographer guillaume lebel and actor/film director pierre-luc lafontaine are premiering their short film “everything fits.” i was on set for every scene and still don’t quite understand what it’s all about, but it’s gonna be kind of interesting, weird and fun. here’s the trailer:

pierre-luc is gui’s good homie from montreal. back in 2011, pierre-luc’s “La Lumiere dans la Nuit” was featured in the Toronto International Short Film Festival, along with winning, “best scenario” at the Regard international film festival. so we’re super stoked to say the least, as he’ll be starring in the flick.

here’s Pierre-Luc’s demo reel, where you can find the dude getting beaten up, crying, slitting his own wrists, turning into a werewolf or something, and getting shot in the face. This dude is pretty fucking epic haha! we hope you enjoy.